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Latests Weight Loss Podcasts and Posts


Episode 72: 10 Steps To Becoming A Weight Loss Pro (Part 2)

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

During this episode we continue our discussion on moving from a weight loss amateur towards becoming a weight loss pro. In Episode 70, we discussed the qualities of a professional versus an amateur; in this episode, we’re focusing on the steps to becoming a professional. They are: Admit That You’re An Addict Allow Yourself To […]

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Episode 71: The Calorie Myth With Jonathan Bailor

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

In this episode we’re joined by fitness and fat loss expert Jonathan Bailor, author of the book, The Calorie Myth. In this riveting interview Jonathan debunks the myths surrounding calories and explains the concept of “set point”, a system within the body that prevents you from losing weight and maintaining those weight loss results. This […]

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Episode 69: Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

During this podcast episode, Blythe and Ray discuss the true purpose of motivation and how to apply it in real life so that you get the most benefit from the fleeting sensation of motivation. As you’ll learn in this episode on weight loss motivation, you can’t just focus on what motivates you, you must also […]

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Episode 68: Making Fat Loss Stick

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

In this episode Dr. Ray gets interviewed by Jonathan Bailor on his excellent podcast, The Smarter Science of Slim. The discussion for this episode is centered around the mindset needed for long-term fat loss success.

Posted in: Podcasts

Should I Exercise In The Morning?

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

There’s no doubt that exercise is a crucial part of any fat loss program, but does it matter when you exercise? Is it better to exercise in the morning or or evening, or can you just fit it in whenever it’s convenient? The research suggests that our body is hormonally better suited to burn energy […]


Episode 67: Crazy Things Fat Loss Experts Say

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

In today’s episode Blythe and I do a little “Fat Loss Free-styling” where we “chew the fat”, so to speak, about fat loss. We discuss a number of things that we hear “fat loss expert” say that we feel is not entirely accurate or is actually downright wrong. So, today’s episode is about doing a […]

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Episode 66: It’s NOT All About Carbs!

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

Recently a listerner, Sam, wrote us about our position on low-carb eating. He referenced an article on that seemed to contradict our approach to fat loss. In the article, titled Low-Carb Taliban, the author goes on to equate the low-carb movement to religious fundamentalists who preach unproven concepts and refuse to sway from their […]

Posted in: Podcasts

Episode 65: The Magic Is In The Fundamentals of Fat Loss

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

In this episode, we’re going to hit the reset button and go back to the fundamentals… Why eating fruits and vegetables is so important and why the research supports the addition of foods that are low on the “energy density” scale. We often get caught up in the need for new and “advanced” weight loss […]

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