Supercharge Your Smoothies With Chlorella

We have spoken about meal replacements for weight loss in great detail in our podcast and weight loss blog. Some recent research suggests that using a supplemental superfood called chlorella may supercharge your smoothie for weight loss!

Chlorella is a single celled algae that’s been used for centuries as a way to get concentrated nutrition.

Throughout the last few decades, chlorella has been studied as a therapeutic tool for everything from detox to cancer protection.

In a 2008 study, scientists evaluated chlorella supplements as a tool for improving blood sugar and cholesterol…

As you may already know, anything that improves the body’s ability to control cholesterol and lower blood sugar will also improve your ability to burn fat. Chlorella seems to fit the bill.

In this study, 17 high-risk obese subjects were given 4 grams of chlorella twice daily for 16 weeks. At the end of the study, researchers evaluated the blood sugar, cholesterol, and various genetic markers for insulin sensitivity and fat burning….

Chlorella supplementation resulted in significantly improved blood cholesterol, sugar, and, most interestingly, actually activated certain genes associated with insulin sensitivity and fat burning!

I’m a fan of chlorella, in fact, I use it myself! This research suggests that chlorella is more than just a great source of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll…it actually stimulates your genetics to burn fat and improve insulin sensitivity.

How to Use Chlorella In Your Smoothies for Weight Loss

  1. Choose a quality source of chlorella. Don’t skimp on quality as chlorella can absorb toxins from the environment. Sun Chlorella is a great source.
  2. Look for broken-cell chlorella. Chlorella isn’t easily digested, some companies use special technology that makes the nutrition available to be absorbed. They achieve this by breaking the cell wall and allowing the contents to be digested and absorbed.
  3. The research used 4 grams taken twice daily. This equates to 1 teaspoon twice daily. You should be able to add this to a smoothie without too much change to the flavor!
  4. Be sure not to make the smoothie too thick, dilute it a bit with some water to prevent the chlorella from ruining the flavor.


Journal of Medicinal Food   2008 September  11(3): 395-404.