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Treadmill Desks – Can You Burn While You Work?

The Best Treadmill Desk On The Market

If you’ve arrived at this page it’s because you want to know what treadmill desk to purchase, then I can save you a lot of time…

After evaluating many treadmill desks, I settled on the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. The reasons are quite simple, it’s the least expensive (less than $500), it’s attractive, it’s resilient, and it ships free from

I’ve had mine for over three years with a computer and two monitors on it, books, and a phone, and it has never warped or failed me in any way. It does not come with a treadmill, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because most people have a dusty and lonely treadmill sitting at home that they can bring to work.

Choosing The Perfect Treadmill

Although I don’t want to get into reviewing treadmills here, I do have two very important tips!

First, you’re going to be walking on this thing while working, so you need to make “quietness” the key determining factor for choosing a treadmill. You don’t want the roar of a treadmill in the background while talking to a client!

Second, you want to choose a quality treadmill that will last and comes with a GREAT warrantee, upgrade the warrantee if you must because you’ll likely be using it 4-8 hours a day (more than many gym treadmills)!

Finally, choose a treadmill with a thick walking belt, this helps to make it easier on the feet (once agin, upgrade if you must, it’s worth it)! That’s all that you need to remember when choosing a treadmill!

Can A Treadmill Desk Help You To Burn Fat?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY, but there is a very important caveat…

There’s a huge debate going on around whether weight loss is all about calories or all about hormones, the answer is, it’s all about both! Where most people go wrong is believing that calories are most important and hormones are second in line. That’s simply backwards…

If your body is producing fat-storing hormones, then kicking up activity level by walking a treadmill desk or running at the gym will simply cause you to burn muscle and sugar rather than fat. The result will be a smaller version of your current shape…in other words, you become “skinny fat”.

If your body is producing fat burning hormones, then kicking up activity level will mean more fat burning and a more fit body. In other words, you change your shape while changing your weight.

If you go on a diet and virtually starve yourself, then walking 6-8 hours a day will simply increase the rate at which you starve your muscles away. If, however, you eat plenty of healthy, real food, then you can increase the rate that you burn fat while keeping your muscles toned and healthy.

The Secret To Turning Your Treadmill Desk Into Your Best Friend

The bottom line is this…

If you eat real, wholesome foods, including vegetables, fruits, protein, and healthy fats, then the treadmill desk will significantly improve your metabolic health and you’ll burn fat, change your shape, and all is great with the world.

If you continue to diet on refined, low-cal foods, including diet chips, protein bars, Slim-Fast, and phony foods, then the treadmill desk will simply cause your muscle to erode away quicker and you’ll change your weight without changing your shape!

The secret is to eat lots of real, natural foods while walking as much as possible.

One Final Benefit Of Using Your Treadmill Desk

My biggest reason for purchasing a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk was to immunize myself against fat regain. Although most research has found that exercise has less to do with losing weight, it does prove that the best way to prevent weight from returning is by staying active and fit. That’s the greatest value of your new treadmill desk!

What To Do At The Gym After Walking All Day

Now that you’ve managed to walk 6-12 miles while getting a ton of work done, what do you do when you go to the gym? Is the gym even necessary?

Let me tackle the second question. Yes, I believe there is still value to hitting the gym as long as you don’t do standard cardio. Now that you’ve walked for 3 to 6 hours, why would you jump on the treadmill and jog for another hour?

The treadmill desk liberates you from such a fate.

First, I recommend that you limit your gym time to no more than 20-30 minutes! That means that the treadmill desk liberates 30-60 minutes a day to be used toward other passion project or relaxation!

There are only three ways to spend those 20-30 minutes of gym time…

  1. High Intensity Interval Training
  2. Resistance Training
  3. Metabolic Resistance Training (The best of both worlds)

The fourth Core Guiding Principle of Cut the Fat Podcast is, “Eat & exercise to change our hormones, not to manage calories” and these types of workouts do just that!

The Office Of The Future

I call my office, “The Office of the Future” because there’s no doubt that sitting behind a desk for 6-12 hours a day is killing us. Beyond the impact that sitting all day has on our weight, research suggests that it significantly shortens our life. So, I highly recommend getting a treadmill desk.

If you can’t get a treadmill desk or the boss won’t let you, then close the office door and do 60 seconds of burpees or squat jumps every 50-60 minutes. We need to move the muscles often throughout the day to prevent our already sluggish metabolisms from going to sleep on us!

I like heroic measures like getting a treadmill desk, but if the boss or corporate won’t let you, then secretly squat-jump or burpee your way into metabolic balance!



About the Author Dr. Ray Hinish

Dr. Ray Hinish is a nutritional pharmacist, certified personal trainer, & certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. He currently practices in Baltimore, MD, where he owns and operates a wellness center and natural foods restaurant. His mission is to help folks to live their health potential so that they can pursue their passions with confidence and endless supplies of energy!

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