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Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss – The Ultimate Guide To Progress

You’ll noticed that the name of our podcast and blog is Cut the FAT podcast, rather than Cut The Weight podcast, that’s for good reason…

I have had clients walk into my office after they reached their goal weight literally in tears, and not the happy kind! How is that even possible?

Well, it is possible and odds are, you’re heading in that same direction…

If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the post titled, “Setting Weight Loss Goals” you may want to check it out now, it introduces you to the concept of “goal assention” where we suggest moving from the weight loss mindset to the fat loss mindset and then ultimately to the fitness mindset!

Weight Loss Means Something…But Not Much

Look, I’d be lying if I told you that the scale wasn’t useful. I don’t agree with the gurus that suggest that the scale is useless and everyone should throw out their scale, it can be a useful tool.

Actually, there are people who have way too much emotion surrounding that scale, and for them, I might suggest sending their scale on a nice vacation, but for many people, with the right change in mindset, the scale can be a very useful tool in your fight against the fat.

When you’re eating lots of real food, full of protein, incorporating lots of relaxing and fun activities into your life, and performing short, burst style exercise and resistance training a few time a week, then the scale can provide a relatively accurate representation of how well your program is working.

If, however, you’re simply starving yourself by being on a perpetual diet, then the scale will be your worst enemy. Either it will stop moving and frustrate you into submission, or it will show lots of weight loss while turning you into a weepy bag of skinny fat. I think we can agree that neither of these two outcomes would be useful or preferred.

The bottom line is when you’re following the Six Guiding Principles of Cut the Fat Podcast, then your scale will show useful info because the weight you lose will likely come mostly from fat.

You’re Not Interested In Weight Loss…

Look, you don’t care about changing your weight, you’re interested in changing your shape. I could change your weight by tossing you into a dungeon where you would turn into a bag of skin and bones; or I could put you on a health-focused lifestyle that promotes good muscle tone, a rocking mood, and plenty of energy. Which do you want?

Nobody wants to become a smaller version of their current shape, you want to change your shape in such a way that makes your body look and feel healthy! So, LET GO OF THE WEIGHT LOSS MINDSET!

How Do We Do It?

  1. Never Eat Carbs Without Protein – This one is HUGELY important. When you eat carbohydrates, you trigger insulin production. When insulin is high in the absence of amino acids in the blood, it causes the body to steal the amino acids from the muscle. The result is skinny-fat! So eat protein with any meal that contains starch or sugar. In other words, if you do decide to eat a low-fat muffin, be sure to give your body some protein so that the muscles will be preserved!
  2. Prioritize Resistance Training – Weight loss almost always results in loss of muscle, this can lead to the dreaded “skinny fat phenomenon” if you’re not careful. The way to prevent this is to make resistance training (weight training) the foundation of your fitness program. Most people start off with a cardio program and that’s a huge mistake. Pepper your fitness program with cardio, but make resistance training the core of your program.
  3. Walk, Walk, Walk – Walking, jogging, and running are often lumped together, that is a huge mistake…Walking can significantly increase the amount of calories you burn without causing your body to trigger a stress response. Marathoners are often victims of the skinny-fat phenomenon, they burn huge amounts of calories while simultaneously triggering a stress response that promotes muscle wastage. Walking has the opposite effect, calorie burn while simultaneously lowering stress hormones! The end result is fat loss without stealing protein from the muscle! Walk as much as you can!

The fat loss mentality is very different than the weight loss mentality. The weight loss mindset is a mirage of health, it’s the thinking that says, “If I can just reach a certain number, then I’ll be healthy and happy.” Well, when you reach that number, I promise, you’ll end up with a mouth full of sand. \

The fat loss mindset leads to the wonderful and lush land of health and fitness. It is the harder path, but it’s the worthwhile path that will give you the body you’re after while simultaneously giving you the amazing health and energy that you desire. It’s time to set yourself free from the weight loss mindset!

About the Author Dr. Ray Hinish

Dr. Ray Hinish is a nutritional pharmacist, certified personal trainer, & certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. He currently practices in Baltimore, MD, where he owns and operates a wellness center and natural foods restaurant. His mission is to help folks to live their health potential so that they can pursue their passions with confidence and endless supplies of energy!

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