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Episode 64: Unleash The Power of The Female Brain With Dr. Daniel Amen

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish
unleash the power of the female brain

In this episode we interview Dr. Daniel Amen, author of the book, “Unleash The Power of the Female Brain”…

During the interview we’ll discuss the difference between the female brain and the male brain and how to use that information to cultivate more will power, self-discipline, and make better decisions around food and lifestyle.

Core Philosophy of Dr. Amen

According to the work of Dr. Daniel Amen, poor mood, lack of willpower, lack of self discipline, and poor decision making can be linked to having a sick brain caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. When we make healthier choices, not only do our bodies improve but our brain gets healthier. When we have a healthier brain, we make better decisions, enjoy better mood, and live long and energy-filled lives.

In his book Unleash The Power of the Female Brain, Dr. Amen speaks about the unique challenges to females and how their brains differ from men. He then provides a system for improving your brain!


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