Episode 66: It’s NOT All About Carbs!

Recently a listerner, Sam, wrote us about our position on low-carb eating. He referenced an article on leangains.com that seemed to contradict our approach to fat loss.

In the article, titled Low-Carb Taliban, the author goes on to equate the low-carb movement to religious fundamentalists who preach unproven concepts and refuse to sway from their opinions.

He goes on to discuss how fat loss always comes down to calorie management.

In this episode, we’ll discuss each of his points and give you our opinion on each.

We believe that fat loss require much more than just controlling carbs, however, you simply can’t achieve your fat loss goals without also controlling for carb intake. So, on we go!


About the Author Dr. Ray Hinish

Dr. Ray Hinish is a nutritional pharmacist, certified personal trainer, & certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. He currently practices in Baltimore, MD, where he owns and operates a wellness center and natural foods restaurant. His mission is to help folks to live their health potential so that they can pursue their passions with confidence and endless supplies of energy!

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