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Does Red Meat Cause Cancer? The Truth & What To Do…

Summary: The World Health Organization has changed the classification of processed red meat, such as bacon, salami, and hot dogs, to a class 1 carcinogen; this means that there is sufficient evidence to label these foods as blatantly cancer-causing. To put it into perspective, class 1 is the worst class of carcinogens placing processed meat […]

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Oatmeal for Weight Loss – Is It The Perfect Food?

Many weight loss blogs and experts have called oatmeal the “perfect food” for those who are looking to shed fat because, according to these sources, oatmeal provides a slow and steady source of complex carbohydrates, which can prevent hunger and thus promote fat loss. In a nutshell, they say that you don’t have to worry about […]

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Caloric Intake to Lose Weight – A Responsible Approach To Calorie Management

Caloric intake to lose weight is a popular topic in the weight loss industry because it turns weight loss into a simple math problem. If you have read our stuff or listened to the podcast, the you already know that we are not huge fans of calorie counting for long-term fat loss but it can be a great tool to use in the beginning in order to calibrate your body to a healthy diet. Don’t worry, if you came here to get an equation for calculating your calorie count, I’m gonna give that to you in a second; just read the whole article to get a brand new perspective on calories.

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Salt and Weight Loss – What’s The Connection?

Many trainers and nutritionists recommend that you cut the salt to cut the fat, but is there really a connection? Do salt and weight loss go together? Let’s find out… The Surprising Truth About Salt And Weight Loss… Do we have a problem consuming too much salt? Answer: Yes. The powers to be in the […]

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High Fiber Foods For Weight loss – Diamond lost in Roughage!

Fiber often takes a back seat in our discussions about weight loss despite a tremendous amount of research suggesting it may be hugely important. When people ask me about eating high fiber foods for weight loss, I tell them that the reality is you can’t burn fat for good unless your diet includes large quantities […]

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All About Coconut Flour

Most people love bread and mostly anything made from wheat or grains. Unfortunately, wheat-based products are among the most fattening foods available and for some people they can result in severe sickness. In today’s post I will teach you everything that you need to know about coconut flour, the wheat flour alternative. What Is Coconut […]

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