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Should I Exercise In The Morning?

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

There’s no doubt that exercise is a crucial part of any fat loss program, but does it matter when you exercise? Is it better to exercise in the morning or or evening, or can you just fit it in whenever it’s convenient? The research suggests that our body is hormonally better suited to burn energy […]

treadmill desk reviews

Treadmill Desks – Can You Burn While You Work?

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

The Best Treadmill Desk On The Market If you’ve arrived at this page it’s because you want to know what treadmill desk to purchase, then I can save you a lot of time… After evaluating many treadmill desks, I settled on the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. The reasons are quite simple, it’s the least expensive (less […]


Tabata Training – The 4 Minute Workout

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

Only have 4 minutes to workout? No problem… Tabata Training is a powerful form of interval training that has proven more beneficial than standard aerobic exercise and can be performed in a fraction of the time of traditional exercise. Unlike conventional “steady state” exercise, Tabata is completed, start to finish, in just 4 minutes. No […]


Why Cardio Doesn’t Work and What To Do About It

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

There is indisputable evidence that cardiovascular exercise does little if anything to promote weight loss. You may be thinking, “How is that even possible? Exercise burns calories and calories make you fat.” Although that is technically an accurate statement, it doesn’t change the fact that aerobic exercise has failed to promote weight loss in practically […]


Am I Working Hard Enough During My Interval Training?

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

How hard do you have to work during your interval training sessions to trigger weight loss? There’s a tremendous amount of confusion around interval training, and if you get the intensity wrong, you could be missing 90% of the benefits attributed to this very powerful tactic in your fat loss toolbox. Remember, the main objective […]


Morning Exercise Cuts Food Cravings

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

If you listen to our podcast, you may have heard us talk about the “compensatory engine”, a subconscious mental system that kicks in when we starve ourselves or burn a ton of calories through exercise. The compensatory engine is an ancient system that is designed to protect us from starving to death by compelling us […]


How Long Does It Take To Get In Shape?

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

Every infomercial out there claims that their product can get you in shape and have you seeing a six pack in 6 short weeks and with just 6 minutes a day. Is there any truth to this?  Can fitness really be that fast and easy? If not, how long will it take before I start […]

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