Fat Rats Don’t Move…A Demonstration of How Hormone Imbalances Decrease Activity

In our weight loss podcast, we mentioned how leptin and other hormones control metabolism, activity and dietary habits. I have attached the video that I talked about in the podcast so that you can see just how amazing the difference in activity is between the rats. This is what we call “spontaneous activity”; scientists have … Read more

Regular Exercise Does Cause Weight Loss…As Long as You…

There has been a lot of controversy around whether or not exercise helps people to lose weight. Admittedly, many studies demonstrate that a moderate exercise program does little to promote weight loss. I, however, dispute these findings by suggesting that many of the exercise programs in these studies were, well…WIMPY! The word “moderate”, when it … Read more

Move a Little, Lose A Lot – How to Burn 600-800 Calories Per Day Without Thinking About It

I wanted to introduce you guys to a concept called Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, NEAT for short. In a nutshell, NEAT is any calories that you burn through every day, non-exercise activity. This includes walking to work, cleaning, cooking dinner, playing with the kids, etc. NEAT is generally considered a subconscious process, which means we don’t … Read more

Wii Fit Weight Loss: Can You Lose Weight with Wii Fit?

This Christmas many fat cutters are looking for gifts that can inspire health and fitness among their family members. One such gift is the Nintendo Wii Fit which has found its way into 21 million households since its launch in 2007. It is encouraging to see that families are at least trying to promote fitness … Read more

Exercise Is Useless for Weight Loss? Where Do They Get This Stuff?

I have just about had it with all of these “experts” suggesting that exercise is not essential for weight loss! Seriously, where do they get this stuff? Okay, I do understand their thought process…It is easy to add calories to the body and quite difficult to burn them off. After-all, the typical 30 minute light … Read more

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