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Vitamin D and Fat Loss – Is Vitamin D Deficiency Sabotaging Your Fat Loss?

If you have ever hit a fat loss plateau then it is possible that a deficiency of one of nature’s most powerful vitamins is to blame? A recent study found that people who had the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood enjoyed significantly more weight loss than those with lower levels…

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Weight Training – Does It Help with Fat Loss?

This is a controversial subject in the fitness world because the research has been somewhat conflicting. Some research has found that short term weight training results in a decrease in insulin sensitivity which would theoretically decrease fat loss. These results can be somewhat misleading, however, because when weight training is part of your regular workout program it seems to improve fat loss…

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Low Vitamin C Impairs Fat Loss

Research presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in 2006 evaluated the importance of vitamin C in fat loss. Researchers at Arizona State University studied 20 overweight subjects and followed them through a weight loss program. As the subjects lost weight, those people who were supplementing with 500 mg vitamin C daily enjoyed stable vitamin C levels while the other subjects vitamin C levels dropped steadily…

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Drinking Water to Lose Weight – How Water Effects Weight Loss

After reading the book Turn up the Heat by Dr. Philip Goglia, I am even more convinced that at least 50% of our population operates in a habitually dehydrated state. The simplicity of it consists of 3 things…

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