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How to Lose Water Weight

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

Water retention is far more than just an unsightly nuisance, it’s one of the first indicators that your body may be in fat-storing mode. So, let’s talk about why we retain water and how to lose the water weight. Why We Retain Water Human beings are masters of water retention. As far as scientists can […]

Diet Soda and Weight Gain – Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

In the article, Drinking Water and Weight Loss, I reported on research that proved that drinking water is an effective way to decrease hunger and lose weight. This week I wanted to answer the very common question, “Instead of water, can I drink 0 calorie beverages such as: Vitamin Water, diet sodas, diet ice tea, […]

Drinking Water and Weight Loss?

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

We, and many other weight loss experts, have touted the benefits of drinking water to lose weight. Critics, however, love to point out that there are no clinical studies to prove that drinking water and weight loss were connected. Unfortunately, they were right…until now. A recent study by researchers at the department of human nutrition, […]

Water Effects Workout Performance

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

If you have not read the article written by Blythe Alberg entitled, How Water Consumption Effects Fat Loss, I highly recommend that you do so. The article explains how we simply do not get enough water, how dehydration can short circuit fat loss results and exactly how much water you should drink when implementing a fat loss program. This article will explain how low grade dehydration can impact performance in the gym.

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