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Episode 79: The Science Of “Falling Off The Wagon”

How damaging is it when you take time off from your weight loss program? Perhaps you have been rolling along, following your diet and exercise plan and wake up one morning face down in an empty pizza box…In today’s podcast we’re going to discuss the science of “falling off of the wagon”. You’ll learn how […]

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Stress And Weight Loss

Episode 78: When Stress Makes You Fat

During this episode, we cover the impact of stress on your fat burning metabolism and 5 steps to help lower cortisol and unlock your metabolism. During the show, we talk about recent research that discovered that stress increases the amount of betatrophin produced in the body…the result is the fat cells can’t release fat into […]

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Episode 77: 10 Ways Food Labels Trick You

In this episode, we cover the 10 ways/buzzwords that food marketers use to trick you into believing that a food is safe to eat or good for weight loss. Rule #1 when choosing food to eat is assume that the manufacturer is only interested in selling food not helping you be healthy and/or fit. In […]

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Weight Loss Motivation

Episode 76: Weight Loss Motivation Day

In this episode we have some fun going through some motivational quotes of wisdom that we think about whenever we need to realign ourselves! During the discussion we’ll explain how each quote can be applied in your lifestyle and what it means for your weight loss. Here’s a list of the quotes we discuss in […]

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Episode 75: Revised Quick Start Guide

In today’s podcast episode we’re going to go back to the basics with our revised and updated quick start guide… Our very first episode was our quick start guide back in 2009! Not, we’re simplifying the weight loss fast start episode for 2015 and beyond!

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Episode 74: Setting Weight Loss Goals – 3 Novel Approaches

Did you know that setting weight loss goals requires different strategies than setting career or financial goals? In fact, if you set your fat loss goals the same way that you set career or financial goals, you could literally be setting yourself up for failure! In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the […]

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