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Episode 83: Three Things To Do Differently This Year For Awesome Results

In this episode we talk about three amazing strategies for making this year one of the best years you’ve ever had as far as weight loss and fitness is concerned. Often we get caught up in talking about die and exercise 

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Episode 82: The Secrets To Eating Out

Learn the strategies for eating out when trying to pursue a healthy lifestyle

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Episode 81: The 15 Surprising Things That Ultra-Fit People D…

During this episode we’ll cover what separates the ultra fit from the average folk! Use these 15 things to discover your gap!

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Episode 80: How To Keep The Weight Off

During this episode Dr. Ray and Blythe discuss the Biggest Loser Paradox and some recent research that will help you attain and maintain your weight loss!

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Epidose 79: The Science Of Falling Off The Wagon

One of the biggest weight loss and diet challenges people run into is temporary lapses in their diet and exercise program. Sadly, for most people a lapse leads to relapse. This research discussion will help you see just how insignificant a lapse can be to your weight loss results.

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Episode 78: When Stress Makes You Fat

During this episode, we cover the impact of stress on your fat burning metabolism and 5 steps to help lower cortisol and unlock your metabolism. During the show, we talk about recent research that discovered that stress increases the amount of betatrophin produced in the body…the result is the fat cells can’t release fat into […]

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