WOW! You're In The Bikini Stage!

What ARe you even doing here?

What does this mean?

If you recall, there are four stages to a weight loss journey…Sweatpants, Skinny-Jeans, Swimsuit, Bikini (Speedo if you’re a dude). 

In the Sweatpants stage, your body is more calorie-sensitive and we make small changes to the lifestyle to get the metabolism moving. 

As you move into the Skinny-Jeans stage, your body is a mix of calorie and hormone sensitive. We start to move from slow-steady state activities like walking, yoga, leisure cycling, etc to metabolic exercise to trigger a hormone response that increases fat release.

Then as you move into the Swimsuit stage, we’re mostly shifting our lifestyle in ways that optimize hormones. This includes strategies like metabolic fasting, resistance training (to shape the body), lower-carb eating, etc. 

Now that you are in the Bikini stage, we are back to tweaking our calorie intake. 


WHat you should Focus on in the bikini stage

At this point in your journey, you measure your progress in ounces, not pounds. Your body is likely in good hormonal shape, your fitness level likely rivals that of a world-class athlete, and you have mastered lifestyle. Now, we’re fighting in the name of vanity 😉

Let me say this…

Most people are completely happy with living in the Swimsuit stage because it is likely the best mix of healthy, happy, and comfortable. Your lifestyle isn’t too obsessive, your body and metabolism love this stage, and you are likely walking into any room like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. 

As we move into the Bikini-Stage we start to work on vanity fat, which the body is highly motivated to keep around. That can make it a challenging journey to burn vanity fat, which requires a near-obsessive diet and lifestyle. 

The secret here is you build your life around fitness, rather than building fitness around your life. 

It’s quite a commitment.  There is one other challenge here, however…

What to watch out for when in the bikini stage

Because we’re attacking “vanity fat” – if you don’t progress carefully you can end up making your health and your life worse rather than better. 

So it is a good idea to hire a coach if you want to burn those last few ounces of fat to get the washboard abs that so many dream about.

At this point, you may consider two of our premium programs… 

What do I do now?

The 5-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge is the first program because it will help you to keep your metabolism healthy by understanding the 10 metabolic stressors that can stall fat loss and make your life miserable. This will be the best $7 you’ve ever spent.

The second program is called “Metabolic Fasting”. In that program, we teach you how to use fasting specifically for fat loss and do it in a way that makes you healthier, not run down. 

Congratulations on making it this far, remember, it’s not how much fat you burn off…it’s how much fat you KEEP OFF and NEVER focus on fat at the expense of your health and wellbeing.