Welcome to The BOD Method Masterclass


THe BOD Method is a paradigm shift in how you approach eating.  The concepts taught in this program will show you why the standard way of eating causes weight gain and how to store less and burn more. 

Once you understand the concepts in the BOD Method program you'll learn how to combine foods so that you store up to 4X less fat and are able to unlock the fat cell for more fat loss. 

Open your mind and prepare for a ride!

Introduction to the BOD Method

Lesson 1: The Paradigm Shift

Lesson 2: The New Science of Burning Fat

Lesson 3: The Great Metabolic Hoax

Lesson 4: Prime Fat Burning Time

Lesson 5: The SAD Truth

Lesson 6: The X-Factor

Lesson 7: The FATorie Content of Food

Lesson 8: The BOD Method Implementation Guide

BOD Method Support

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