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Follow-through is arguably the most important aspect of any weight loss program. 

You could have the best intentions, the best information, even the best plan, but if you can't follow-through with that plan, you'll never achieve your weight loss goals. 

The Zombie-Walk technique is a crazy simple technique for removing the gap between the choice and decision to instantly upgrade your followthrough. As an exciting side effect, once you master this technique, you'll end your day with more willpower and mental energy because you won't be bogged down with decisions around health and wellness. 

Lesson 1: Why We Need The Zombie-Walk

Lesson 2: What Is The Zombie-Walk Technique

Lesson 3: Watch Out For Zombie-Traps!

Lesson 4: Zombie-Trap #1 - Talkers

Lesson 5: Zombie-Trap #2 - Carpet Quicksand

Lesson 6: Zombie-Trap #3 - The Zombie-Obstacle Course

Lesson 7: When Zombie-Walking Doesn't Work

Lesson 8: Zombie-Walking Examples

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