...Because They Make Your Life Suck.

At Cut The Fat Podcast, We Believe That You CAN Have a Fit Body AND a Fun Life!







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Our Values

Fit Body - Fun Life

We believe that human beings change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad. So…guilt and shame have no place in weight loss.

Science...Not Emotion

Every weight problem is solvable. Guilt and shame are not part of that solution.

Every Behaviour Has Good Intent

Every decision you make has a rational explanation. In essence, you do what you do because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Weight Loss Is The Side Effect

If the only thing that changes for you is your weight, we've failed. Weight changes as your body and mind get healthier.

Let's Face It...Weight Loss Is Difficult

Actually, weight loss is easy. PERMANENT Weight Loss, not so much.  Here’s why…

When we build an extreme calorie deficit, we activate a mechanism in the body and brain called the “Compensatory Engine”. 

The compensatory engine triggers food seeking behavior and unconscious slothfulness whenever the calorie deficit stresses the metabolism. The result is the big three villians of fat loss…



Mental Hunger


Physical Hunger


Tired All The Time

Bottom Line: You Can't Sustain Weight Loss Because The Strategies and Tactics You're Implementing Are Making You Hungry, Fatigued, and Riddled With Cravings

Essentially, your weight loss program is making you miserable and when you’re miserable you’re less likely to follow through with the tactics and strategies that you are already know how to do. 

To succeed long-term you need to implement the right strategy at the right time for YOUR STAGE…

…and there are four weight loss stage: Sweatpants, Skinny-Jeans, Swimsuit, Bikini/Speedo.


Take The Sweatpants To Swimsuit Stage Quiz
Find Your Fat Loss Stage


…But you’ve got to let go of the old model of “cut as many calories as you can and exercise as much as possible”. 

You know that doesn’t work. That’s why you’re here. 

You need to start by redefining what success looks like. Heres how we define success…

“Building a lifestyle program that optimizes bodyfat while simultaneously increasing strength, fitness, and flexibility all while feeling healthier, more energetic, and excited for life.” 

To do this, start by identifying your fat loss stage by taking the Sweatpants to Swimsuit Quiz.

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