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Metabolism in

You're in the right place if...

You eat right and exercise but
still can't lose weight

You can't stick to any weight loss program
due to terrible cravings and hunger

You're over 40 and no matter what you try,
you can't burn fat

Did you know that there are
10 Metabolic Stressors?

If you activate, even one stressor, it can completely shut down your ability to burn fat.
When your metabolism is stressed; cleanses, more cardio, and more aggressive dieting aren't the answer they actually make your metabolism worse...
That's why personal trainer, Blythe Alberg and Dr. Ray Hinish made the 5-Day Metabolic Reset Masterclass.
Give us 5 days and we'll unclog your metabolism so you can burn fat on demand.

Give us 5 days and we'll unclog your metabolism so you can burn fat on demand.

Refund Any Time For Any Reason

We share the exact 5-step process
inside of our $7 Masterclass

The 5-Day metabolic

reset masterclass

Restore your metabolism to a healthy and youthful state and unlock the fat cells so that you can start burning fat again

...without more exercise

...without fad diets

...and without the drain and misery that follows cleanses, detoxes, and crazy exercise programs.

Proof This 5-Day Metabolic Reset Works!

Hello! We're

Blythe Wagner and Ray Hinish host one of the top fitness and weight loss podcasts in the world, called Cut The Fat Podcast, with over 8 million downloads and a 4.8 star rating on iTunes.

Their unique approach moves past the “cut calories” and “beat yourself up” approach to fitness, metabolism, and fat loss and delivers a fresh and empowering approach to fat loss.

They believe you should power your fitness and fat loss lifestyle on science, not guilt and shame. (Which doesn’t work)

They’re dedicated to helping millions of people shed
the fat and get fit and healthy by feeling GOOD, not by
feeling bad.

Lifetime Guarantee


If you try out the 5-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge and you don't feel like it delivers on the promise of restoring your metabolism, improving energy, and decreasing cravings and hunger then just email and ask for a refund at any time in your entire life and we'll refund your $7 and part as friends.

why only $7?

three reasons:


We want you to get a quick win! When you do that, youll be a fan for life! The 5-Day Metabolic Reset will help you unlock your metabolism in just five packed lessons!


We're sick of all the "Get Thin Quick’ scams out there, like cleanses and detoxes, and we feel obligated to teach a totally new way of approaching weight 05s 50 that you can stop feeling guilt and shame just because the scale doesn't respond or you cant stick to these ridiculous cleanses and detoxes!


We believe in delivering MASSIVE VALUE to our peeps! We hold nothing back in this program so that you will feel the difference in just 5 days and we hope that after you feel the difference, youll want to continue into our 8-week Total Body Transformation Group Coaching Program!



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What You'll Learn On Day 1:

Why cleanses and detoxes don't work and why a
"Metabolic Reset" is far, far, faaar superior.

The 10 "metabolic stressors" and how to identify the
top 3 stressors for YOU
that may be responsible for
locking down your metabolism resulting in the scale going cold!

Want a roadmap to successful fat loss? We'll show
you our "Roadmap to Real Results" and demonstrate
WHERE the Metabolic Reset sits in your journey.

The #1 goal of a "Metabolic Reset"'s NOT what
you think!

This is the ultimate ENEMY of fat loss... we tell you what it is 21 minutes and 3 seconds into the first video.

Why there's no such thing as a "Fattening Food" and why this is good news for those of you who like "tasty things" - this secret will set you free!

What You'll Learn On Day 2:

Why eating every 3 hours is frowned upon and why a crazy AND free strategy can pay huge dividends

Why most people lean on their "Thermic Reserve" to stay thin and why it almost never works

The #1 thing that clogs up your metabolism ...and how to fix it "almost" overnight!

How "Lipotoxicity" may be ruining your health and metabolism (may even be setting you up for diabetes)...and the #1 strategy for quickly reversing it!

The easiest and fastest way to unclog your metabolism... we and how to start implementing it TONIGHT!

The "Core 4" opportunities you have in a 24-hour period that can be optimized to unclog your metabolism...and which is best to optimize FIRST

The BIGGEST obstacle to unclogging your metabolism and how to neutralize it.

What You'll Learn On Day 3:

What is the "compensatory engine" and why it may be one of the most important concepts to know if your goal is to burn fat and KEEP IT OFF!

Always hungry? Dealing with endless cravings? Find out the two drivers of hunger and cravings and how to tame them!

I asked a collegue and weight loss expert what he would do if one of his clients was doing everything right and wasn't burning fat. Find out what he said 8 minutes into the lesson.

The BEST form of activity for people with strained metabolism... and it ain't cardio and it ain't H.I.I.T.

Three simple steps to tune up your simple you won't believe it

A video from a past member where she explains how she cut her workout time IN HALF and lost MORE weight!

What You'll Learn On Day 4:

What is Metabolic Nitro and why it is the PERFECT metaphor for how you should view exercise.

The 3 types of Metabolic Nitro and how to choose the right one for you!

Which exercise routine we recommend specifically for fat loss, why we like it, and how to get it.

Why your exercise routine may be DESTROYING your metabolism and your ability to burn fat...more importantly, how to avoid this mistake

Why you don't want to burn fat DURING exercise...and how to exercise so that you burn more fat all day long with less time in the gym.

Are you a "gym rat" or a "gym ghost"? Find out in this lesson and what it means for you plan forward

What You'll Learn On Day 5:

Feel like walking, sleep, rest, and recovery is a waste of time? Well, get ready because you're going to learn how it is not only NOT a waste of time, but how it is REQUIRED for fat loss (Once you learn this, your life will get a lot easier and a lot more fun!)

Hormesis, what it is and how it impacts your ability to burn fat. This also explains why focusing on cardio is ineffective as a fat loss strategy.

Why weight training doesn't build muscle and what does...

How to know if you're applying the Metabolic Secret Sauce. effectively...and how to course-correct if you are not!

Pay attention to _________ and _________ if you want your weight loss to be lasting! Find out at the end of this short lesson.

Ever wonder why you can't get yourself to consistently exercise, move more, and eat right? THIS lesson will explain why

The 5-Day metabolic

reset masterclass

Restore your metabolism to a healthy and youthful state and unlock the fat cells so that you can start burning fat again

...without more exercise

...without fad diets

...and without the drain and misery that follows cleanses, detoxes, and crazy exercise programs.

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