Did You Know That Most Fasting Programs Are NOT Designed For Weight Loss?

Metabolic Fasting

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Approach to Weight Loss Success

Using The Power and Simplicity of Flex-Fasting Without Suffering the “Fasting Side Effects” of Cravings, Hunger, and Fatigue!

Have you
been struggling ?

with weight loss, trying countless diets and programs that never seem to deliver consistent results…including intermittent fasting?

What if I told you the secret to effective weight loss comes down to one, simple secret and no other weight loss approach takes advantage of this secret like “metabolic fasting”.

Have you
been struggling ?

with weight loss, trying countless diets and programs that never seem to deliver consistent results…including intermittent fasting?

What if I told you the secret to effective weight loss comes down to one, simple secret and no other weight loss approach takes advantage of this secret like “metabolic fasting”.

What is the secret?

The secret has to do with one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss success…complexity.

Complexity kills results with health and weight loss because complexity destroys consistency.

The more complicated your weight loss program, the more rules you need to follow, the less likely you will be to succeed long-term.

That’s why complex diets and meal plans and exercise programs have likely failed you and failed millions of other aspiring dieters. 

What is the secret?

The secret has to do with one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss success…complexity.

Complexity destroys consistency, which kills weight loss results.

The more complicated your weight loss program, the more rules, the less likely you will be to succeed long-term.

That’s why complex diets and meal plans and exercise programs have likely failed you and failed millions of other aspiring dieters. 

Fasting’s Secret to Success is SIMPLICITY!

The more simple your lifestyle. The more successful you will be with losing weight and keeping it off.

No other weight loss or dietary approach can beat fasting in the category of simplicity…especially the way WE teach fasting.

Metabolic Fasting Is The Answer

“Metabolic Fasting” is a scientifically-proven and simple-to-follow method that will revolutionize the way you lose weight. And the best part?

You’ll actually save money on food instead of spending it on complicated packaged and processed food or shakes, supplements, or bars!

In fact, here’s a little secret…

This program pays for itself in a few short weeks

Just from the savings you’ll enjoy on food!

Before diving into why this could be a game-changer in your weight loss journey, let me introduce myself…

My name is Dr. Ray Hinish, a metabolic pharmacist, host of the popular podcast Cut The Fat Podcast, and creator of the Total Body Transformation System along with, expert personal trainer and lifestyle expert, Blythe Alberg.

I have dedicated my life to helping thousands of people just like you achieve their weight loss goals and live healthier, happier lives.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Another fasting program? Aren’t they all the same?”

Not quite. Most fasting programs focus on the benefits of IF (intermittent fasting) to slow or even reverse the aging process. Don’t get me wrong, the anti-aging effects of fasting are very compelling, and who doesn’t want to turn back the clock?

The problem is, these fasting programs completely ignore the side effects associated with implementing an intermittent fasting program because they are implemented by people who find fasting easy.

This is not the case for most people who have a lot of weight to lose. 

Most People Fail Fasting
Because They Do It All Wrong

The truth is…most people are not successful in making fasting a lifestyle. Most people give up on fasting WAY before they can experience significant benefits on the scale or even in their lives.


When we gain weight, hormones go haywire. The result of these out-of-whack hormones is most people who want to lose weight already suffer from hunger, cravings, and fatigue on day 1.

When fasting is implemented in the way taught by most “biohackers” and “health gurus”, it makes your already hard-to-tolerate cravings, hunger and fatigue even WORSE!

The cards are stacked against you on day one and then we deal you an even worse hand…

Hungry and Tired Brains
Force You To Quit

When you’re hungry and tired all the time, your brain is designed to override your pre-frontal cortex (the part of your brain that wants to look great in a swimsuit) and send you into a zombie-like state where you wake up face down in an empty pizza box.

The primitive part of the brain, focused on survival, takes over and you give up and give in.

This explains why you may be disciplined in many areas of your life, but discipline crumbles a few days into dieting or fasting. 


“Fasting Can’t Work For Me”

Fasting CAN work for you, even if you’ve failed a fasting lifestyle in the past. You just need to go at fasting differently than most bio-hackers for whom fasting comes easy. .

You Need a “Weight Loss First” Fasting Approach

Our Metabolic Fasting Masterclass takes a “weight loss first” approach, with anti-aging benefits as a delightful side-effect.

That means implementing fasting in such a way where we rebalance the hormones that regulate appetite and cravings as you build the lifestyle of fasting.

We understand that typical fasting programs can be miserable to follow, causing a worsening of terrible cravings, hunger, and fatigue.

That’s why our approach teaches you how to implement fasting in a way that minimizes these negative experiences, making it enjoyable and sustainable!

Now, let me be clear. We are not offering a “magic pill” or a one-size-fits-all solution.

What we are offering is an opportunity to learn a flexible, scientifically-backed approach to weight loss that will transform your life and your relationship with food.


I Need To Eat Every 3 Hours To Keep My Metabolism Going

Let’s be honest…

If overly-restrictive diets comprised of eating cardboard-tasting food regularly throughout the day along with long, brutal cardio sessions truly worked, you’d likely already be sporting a six-pack already…

What about the advice of just eating small meals every three hours…

Ahh, if only it were that simple.

Is that the answer?

Just eat chicken and broccoli every three hours?

Or perhaps subject yourself to grueling, cardio workouts every day until you’re about to pass out? 

Let me share a personal tale.

Once upon a time, I too fell into the trap of believing in these “fail-proof” solutions.

The concept of the keto diet caught my attention – a plan that promised quick weight loss by drastically reducing carb intake and forcing the body into a state of ketosis.

It seemed doable…

I loved the idea of quick results, so I committed wholeheartedly.

I eliminated carbs and amped up my fat intake, eating meat, eggs, nuts, and putting butter in my coffee, constantly checking if my body was in that coveted state of ketosis.

Alongside this, I took on a brutal fitness regimen. 

Long-Cardio sessions within the “fat-burn zone” were all the rage, so I bought a heart rate monitor, and jumped on the bandwagon. Running for one to two hours a night, in my “fat-burn zone”…

Punishing sessions that left me drenched in sweat and completely drained.

The initial results were encouraging.

The numbers on the scale went down.

But the side effects were debilitating.

My energy levels plummeted, I was constantly irritable, and I missed the simple pleasure of eating a well-rounded meal.

Don’t get me started on the cravings and hunger I experienced…

As soon as I relaxed the regime even slightly, the weight crept back on, bringing along a few extra pounds.

The cycle of losing and regaining weight was as exhausting as the fitness regime itself.

It’s no wonder the typical weight loss solutions like the keto diet or brutal cardio sessions didn’t help me achieve lasting weight loss.

They simply weren’t sustainable for someone like me who was already more prone to cravings, hunger, and fatigue.

It finally made sense to me…

It’s no wonder those who seem to easily and effortlessly maintain their ideal weight make it look so easy while you and I grapple with the rollercoaster of weight loss and gain. They don’t seem to suffer from the same level of baseline hunger and cravings that we do!

But what if I told you there’s another way?

A sustainable path to weight loss that doesn’t involve punishing your body or depriving yourself?

Interested in hearing more? 

Introducing The Metabolic

The simple metabolic fasting roadmap that helps you burn fat without feeling hungry all the time.

Now you too can easily implement a fasting program without the constant, debilitating hunger and cravings associated with most fasting programs.

Without counting calories, without giving up all the foods you love, and without hours and hours of cardio.

And without risking your health!

It might seem hard to believe, right?

After all, you’ve tried to lose weight before, you may have even tried fasting but you’re still not where you want to be. 

So, it feels like a big ask to believe that this course could really be the solution to your weight loss struggles.

But this course is unlike any you’ve tried before.

No more jumping from diet to diet, and no more forcing yourself to eat foods you hate.

All that struggle is in the past.

This is the “Fasting Easy Button”.

The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass was designed to make the science of fasting easy to understand and “paint-by-numbers” simple to implement.

The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass works quickly and effectively because it includes… 

Complete Step-By-Step Fasting Masterclass

This roadmap provides a detailed process for implementing a fasting lifestyle while keeping cravings and hunger at bay better than any other fasting program on the market.

This means you don’t have to feel deprived or hungry all the time, like other diets make you feel.

Instead, you get to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and steady weight loss while feeling satisfied. 

A masterclass on FEASTING

Once you’ve mastered fasting, we’ll teach you how to feast in a way that will enhance and improve the benefits of fasting.

No more guessing or following diets blindly. We’ll teach you how to break the fast in a way that will help you to lose more weight. 

The Fasting

This module teaches you how to optimize your fasting results and significantly decrease hunger and cravings during the fasting process.

This means no more fighting hunger pangs or giving into cravings.

Instead, you get to enjoy your fasting process and see better, faster fat loss results. 

Unlike other fasting programs, we focus on how to fast for fat loss, giving you all the anti-aging benefits of fasting without the side effects that cause you to give up.

Dr. Ray Hinish

(Creator of The Metabolic Fasting Program)

Why The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass Works...

It significantly enhances three key factors to fat loss success…

It optimizes how your body uses sugars, and thus your insulin sensitivity.

It enhances the production of growth hormones, your body’s #1 fat loss and anti-aging hormone.

It prevents the cortisol-spike often seen with conventional fasting programs. 

This leads to boosted energy levels, accelerated metabolism, and effective, sustainable weight loss, even in the over-forty metabolism. And that’s not all!

The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass
Delivers Results Even If…

You've tried fasting before and it hasn't worked

With the science-based approach in this course, you’re set up for success.

You're worried about feeling hungry all the time

This course teaches you how to manage hunger and cravings, so you can fast comfortably.

And even if you think you've tried everything

This course brings a new approach to fasting that safe for women and for the over-forty metabolism.

But I’ve used these strategies to lose weight myself.

I’ve shared these same strategies with countless other women so they could also lose weight.

There’s an unreal amount of published research supporting the benefits of fasting for health, longevity, and, yes, for weight loss!

And I know these unique fasting secrets will work for you too. 

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn:

And much, much more!

Here’s What
To Do Next

The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass normally costs $97, today you get access for just $47. That’s all. There are no hidden charges or sneaky fees.

My goal is to help as many people as possible leap over the hurdles that often trip us up when we try to improve our health and well-being.

Just click the button below and secure your spot in the class today… 

That said:

Time Is Of The Essence

Here’s why:

Every day, people are writing in to tell us how The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass has measurably improved their lives…

And the positive feedback just keeps rolling in.

So, I’m considering combining The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass with my upcoming higher-priced group coaching program after this test run and then the price will go back up to between $97 and $197.

I’d love your feedback on it before I make my final decision. So, I’m pricing it at an incredibly low rate to help us both before that happens.

As long as you shoot me an email letting me know how you liked it, you can have it for just $47…

Even with this extreme discount, I think it’s only fair to prove The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass to you.

Our 100% DOUBLE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ensures you can try this program risk-free. If you’re not completely satisfied with your results, we’ll refund your investment – no questions asked. 


We guarantee that you will save the entirety of your investment of this program in money saved on food, simply by implementing what you learn.

Think about it, if you simple fast through breakfast, saving that daily $5 breakfast cost, the cost of this program is paid for in 10 days.

Even if you simply skip buying a $2 snack per day, the program is paid for in less than 1 month. If you follow this program for just the next month, you’ll recoup the cost of this program GUARANTEED. 


Our 60-day Metabolic Promise: We are so confident in our Metabolic Fasting Program that we’re offering a full 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your results within the next 60 days, we’ll refund your purchase in full. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

This Truly Is A Limited-Time Offer…So Pick Up The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass While You Still Can

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started on your weight loss journey with the Metabolic Fasting Masterclass! 

Still have questions? Answers:

What makes The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass different from other weight loss programs and other fasting programs?

The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass isn’t your typical weight loss program. It’s an all-encompassing course designed to help you understand and harness your body’s metabolism so that weight loss can happen without the common side effects of fasting or FAD diets. It’s not about quick fixes or temporary changes; it’s about empowering you with knowledge and techniques for sustainable, lifelong health improvement using the power of metabolic fasting.

Is The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass suitable for beginners?

Absolutely, The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass is designed for anyone, regardless of their familiarity with fasting or metabolic health. The class is structured in a way that is easy to understand and apply, making it perfect for beginners and those with more experience alike.

How long will it take to see results from The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass?

While individual results may vary, many of our participants start to see positive changes within the first week, and some within the first month. Remember, this isn’t a quick fix; it’s about making sustainable changes for long-term health. Most fasting experts won’t tell you this, but fasting doesn’t always lead to instant weight loss and that can sometimes make people feel like it doesn’t work. We’ll teach you how fasting works and what to expect so that you can make full use of the metabolic fasting approach! I’ll also point out that almost everyone enjoys improvements in energy level, mood, and sleep, often within the first week or two. 

What if I've tried fasting before and it didn't work for me?

The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass takes a unique, scientific approach to fasting specifically for people who want to lose weight. It’s not just about going without food for a certain period of time and hoping for the best. You will learn how fasting affects your body at a cellular level and how to make it work for your specific body and life.

Is The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass worth the $67 price tag?

Yes! In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and tell you that this course will cost you NOTHING. Actually, you will save so much during the course of a year that you could potentially take the savings and enjoy a cruise or amazing vacation! Why? Food costs money. The average person spends between $5-10 for breakfast. In one month, if you simply fast through breakfast using the Metabolic Fasting Method, you’ll save almost 3 times what you pay for the course, and that’s on the low end! Over the course of a year you’ll save the equivalent of a one or two-week vacation by simply following the program. Oh yeah, AND you’ll be in the best shape of your life for your tropical vacation! We firmly believe in the value of The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass. Consider it an investment in your long-term health and wellbeing and store away the money you save. Plus, with our 60-day money-back guarantee, you can try it risk-free.

Do I need any special equipment or supplements for The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass?

No, The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass does note require any special equipment or supplements. All you need is a commitment to improving your health. We will cover supplements for health and for acceleration of fasting benefits, but none of them are essential.

How much time do I need to dedicate to The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass?

We understand that everyone has different schedules, so we’ve designed The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass to be flexible. You can go through the materials at your own pace and apply the strategies as you see fit. You get lifetime access.

What happens if I can't complete The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass?

We provide lifetime access to The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass materials, so even if you can’t complete it right away, you can always come back to it when you’re ready.

Can I still eat my favorite foods while participating in The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass?

Yes! The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass isn’t about strict diets or depriving yourself. It’s about understanding how your body processes food and learning strategies to make healthier choices without giving up the foods you love. During your feasting period, you can often enjoy some of your favorite foods.

Is The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass safe?

The Metabolic Fasting Masterclass is based on solid, scientific principles and is safe for most people. Fasting can be implemented safely by men and women alike. Certain people may not be good candidates for fasting, such as  anyone who is pregnant or suffers from an eating disorder. Some people with complex health challenges such as diabetes or people who are on blood thinners should fast under the care of a health care practitioner. As with any significant change to your diet or lifestyle, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any program that can shift your lifestyle in significant ways.

Won't fasting slow my metabolism?

In very important scientific tests, called randomized control trials, researchers found that fasting was super effective and did NOT cause the metabolism to slow. People in the fasting group didn’t eat anything on some days, but on other days they ate normally. And guess what? They not only kept their body’s metabolism burning strong and steady but also lost more belly fat and gained more muscles and bones!

On the other hand, those who followed a “classic calorie-restriction diet” had some problems. Their body’s metabolism slowed down a lot, which wasn’t good for them.

So, the fasting diet seems to be better for staying healthy and losing belly fat than the calorie restriction diet. But remember, always talk to a grown-up or a doctor before making any big changes to your diet!

Will I need to continue to fast after I lose the weight?

No, not necessarily. Some people have found that they need to follow intermittent fasting as a “special plan” for six to twelve months to lose weight and fix health issues like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

After reaching their weight and health goals, many people don’t want to go back to eating several times a day. Instead, they choose to fast every day for either 14 or 16 hours. Sometimes, if they’ve eaten a lot during holidays or vacations, they might do more fasting for a week or two to get back on track.

PS: Remember, the exclusive discounted price and bonuses are only available for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to achieve your weight loss goals and save money on food. Join the Metabolic Fasting Masterclass today and start enjoying the benefits of a healthier, happier you!