You're In The Skinny-Jeans Stage!

What does this mean?

Let’s start with the good news: you’ve moved out of the Sweatpants Stage and into the Skinny-Jeans Stage! Congratulations!

However, now comes the bad news…

If you’re coming from the Sweatpants Stage, then you know you were dealing with “Easy Fat”, i.e. fat that your body could easily release. But in the Skinny-Jeans Stage, you’re now dealing with “Stubborn” fat.

This means that fat-burning outpaces fat release into the blood. To keep things moving, we need to enhance the body’s ability to release fat! 

I’ll explain how to do that in just a second. The important thing to remember is that our goal in this stage is to optimize fat RELEASE!

In The Skinny-Jeans Stage you're dealing with Stubborn Fat!

In the Sweatpants Stage, you were dealing with “Easy Fat” that your body could easily release. But in the Skinny-Jeans Stage, you’re now dealing with Stubborn Fat (Also known as Storage Fat). 

Your genes want to keep you “a little fat” because we evolved in an environment where our greatest predator was famine. 

That means your body still wants to hold onto some extra fat as a protective measure against illness, injury, or famine and it doesn’t care that you want to look good in a bathing suit. 

While your body is better at burning fat now because hopefully your physical fitness is better, your fat cells are more reluctant to release the fat. This is why weight loss can slow down and it’s not uncommon for people in this stage to report a frustrating plateau.

This is NORMAL and doesn’t indicate that you’re doing the wrong things, it simply means that you have to continue to evolve your weight loss program to keep the scale moving. 

No longer will simple calorie management and walking be enough to guarantee progress.

This is where many people give up on their weight loss program.


To overcome this, we need to shift from a calorie-focused approach to a hormone-focused approach.

Since your body is likely more fit and active now, you can increase the intensity of your workouts to increase hormone release, which will in turn increase fat release. 

This is a fun stage where you get to challenge yourself and test your mental toughness.

The take-home message here is to incorporate short bouts of intense activity like H.I.I.T. and metabolic resistance training.

KeYs to success in the Skinny-jeans stage!

You should start incorporating metabolic resistance training and high-intensity interval training into your workout.

This stage can bring some challenges because, as mentioned, usually people will feel “stuck” in a plateau. This usually occurs because the easy fat is gone and the release of fat is now being tightly regulated by the metabolism.

You are most susceptible to fat loss fatigue here, you may be considering giving up on your program and seeking out a new diet or weight loss program. 

Don’t fall into that trap!

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