You're In The Swimsuit Stage!

What does this mean?

Congratulations! You’ve reached the Swimsuit stage, and you should be feeling pretty happy right now.

People in this stage are generally lean and fit, with just a few stubborn areas they want to work on. Many people love this stage because it strikes a good balance between confidence and comfortable.

At this point, you likely have a healthy lifestyle, good hormonal balance, and are receiving compliments from friends. 

During this stage, your body is in good hormonal balance, thyroid is firing on all cylinders, insulin is in check and optimized, and you are likely feeling and looking good. You have two choices…


You can either shift to maintenance or Push for the bikini stage

Now you have a choice to make. You can either shift to maintenance, push for the Bikini Stage, or focus on “maintenance PLUS.”

If you choose maintenance, you’ll want to focus on “conveniefying” your lifestyle by making it easier and more efficient to continue your healthy habits. (We recommend joining our Total Body Transformation program to solidify and conveniefy your weight loss).

If you opt for maintenance PLUS, you’ll focus on making small tweaks to your lifestyle, like adding an extra serving of vegetables or taking fiber daily. The goal here is to continue to inch closer to “optimal fitness” without stressing too much about it!

If you decide to pursue the Bikini Stage, we 
recommend getting a coach who can help you optimize your lifestyle for fat loss. It can be tough, but also rewarding.

Should I continue on to the bikini stage?


Our staging framework is designed to be metaphorical (sometimes literal). 

It’s common for people who are in the Swimsuit stage to feel great in a bikini as well. 

In the Swimsuit stage, you’re likely quite healthy and fit. The difference is the Bikini stage is for people who want to make fitness a central part of your life. 

For example, if your goal is to be healthy, fit, and feel super confident in your skin, then the Swimsuit Stage is likely your final destination. 

If, however, you want to get “ripped”, build visible muscles, show off your abs, and/or excel at a sport or active hobby then you may want to progress to the Bikini stage. 

The price tag for moving into the Bikini stage is you are committing to become more obsessive about lifestyle, go back to counting calories and macros, and get a coach who specializes in fitness professionals/bodybuilders.

Our advice: Go all in on Swimsuit. Enjoy the perfect balance between confident and comfortable. Continue to tweak your lifestyle, conveniefy everything you’re already doing, and start love life!


What do I do now?

Our primary goal in the Swimsuit Stage is to immunize you against weight regain and start to shape the body! 

That means conventional resistance training is going to become central in your Swimsuit journey. In the Skinny Jeans stage, we do a lot of metabolic exercise such as H.I.I.T. and Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT). 

At this stage, we focus on “conventional resistance training” meaning our goal is less about activating the fat-burning metabolism and focusing on build more muscle. 


Because muscle keeps our body insulin sensitive, increase calorie burn, and acts as a storage bin for sugar when you eat a higher-carb or higher-sugar meal. 

If you would like help building your exercise plan, conveniefying your lifestyle, tweaking your lifestyle, and optimizing our diet then JOIN US IN THE NEXT Total Body Transformation Program! Click the button below to learn more!