How To Increase Growth Hormone for Weight Loss?

You never hear children complain about their metabolism. It seems that once you near 35, the word “metabolism” enters your vocabulary. You start saying things like “I can’t eat like I use to, now I just look at food and put on weight”. How many of us have ever used that phrase? Why is it that metabolism and fat loss seems to get more difficult with age? Well, it seems that a certain hormone deficiency may be to blame…

Is Green Tea Effective for Weight Loss? A New Meta Analysis Study Says…

Many news articles and weight loss blogs have been reporting on green tea as the miracle supplement for fat loss; are their reports based on hard science, or just supplemental fluff? If it does work, is it best to use caffeine containing green tea or is a decaf version okay to use? A recent meta-analysis … Read more

What does muscle growth mean to you? Unveiling the myths to weight loss, weight gain and losing that layer of fat along the way!

If you are reading this article, I hope you’ve come across some of the information that Dr. Ray and I have provided you with stating just how important resistance training is and that increasing your muscle mass (sometimes referred to as lean tissue) is the quickest way to bump up the speed of your metabolism. As you gain muscle, your metabolism speeds up. In turn, you’re able to eat more food!

There are a few old school myths I’d like to address and set the bar straight TODAY that have to do with muscle growth and fat loss.

According to a study done by the University of Michigan, many of us given the chance to choose our own weights to use during a workout are choosing way too low to even begin to stimulate muscle growth! This research was done on both men and women, both failing to even come close to choosing a weight that would promote BUILDING muscle. In my opinion, if you are going to hit the gym and make the effort to get there and actually workout, you ought to make it worth your while. Challenge yourself and estimate a little heavier… TODAY! I was actually disappointed when I read the write up on this study… I didn’t think so many of us out there under estimate ourselves. We are strong, we are healthy! Positive reinforcement must start within you!

Glycemic Load Versus Glycemic Index – What is the Difference?

As mentioned in a previous post titled, “What is the Glycemic Index”, the glycemic index tells us how fast the carbohydrates within a particular food enter into the blood as sugar. Foods that rank high on the Glycemic Index have a tendency to short circuit weight loss efforts by triggering excess insulin to enter the … Read more

Understanding Leptin – The Fat Loss Breakthrough

Did you know that there are such things as mouse enthusiasts? That’s right, ever since the 1800s mouse lovers have been collecting different types of living mice! Little did they know that one of these rare mice would radically change the way that we view that glob of fat that hangs out around your midsection, butt or thighs.

In 1902 a French researcher named L. Cuenot began to research a special yellow mouse that was popular among mouse enthusiasts. This mouse, known for its peculiar propensity to gain fat, began a domino effect in the science world that ultimately led to one of the most important discoveries in the study of fat…

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