You're In The Sweatpants Stage!

What does this mean?

Your weight loss journey can be broken down into four stages: Sweatpants, Skinny-Jeans, Swimsuit, Bikini (Speedo, if you’re a dude). 

Depending on your stage, your body will fall within a spectrum between calorie-sensitive and hormone sensitive.

You may have heard that weight loss is all about calorie-management. Well, it depends on the stage you’re in (more on that in a moment). 

Since you’re in the Sweatpants Stage, it means your body is very “calorie-sensitive”. That means we don’t have to complicate things too much, you don’t need to learn about insulin, leptin, ghrelin, or other hormones (at least until you hit the Skinny-Jeans Stage).

Start super simple. I’ll explain why in a bit. First, I have some good news for you… 

there's reason to feel good

Although it may seem like a long journey to reach your weight loss goals, you likely have plenty of low hanging fruit to pick within your current lifestyle. 

You don’t need crash diets or long, arduous cardio sessions to make progress. In fact, those things will actually work AGAINST your weight loss goals. I’ll explain more in a bit…

I know you’re excited to get started, and I know you want to make progress as fast as humanly possible, just hang with me for a second because what I’m about to tell you is going to mean the difference between lasting success and total failure around body transformation.

you're dealing with "Easy fat"


In the Sweatpants Stage, you’re dealing with what we call “Easy Fat”.

Easy fat ” is described as “easy” because your body is highly motivated to release the fat to be burned. (Note: This is a double-edged sword, read on) 

This type of fat is especially sensitive to calorie-management because it’s usually caused by calorie-overload, which leads to something known as “inflammatory fat”. 

That means that the moment you remove excess calories, sugar, and fat from your diet and make a few changes to activity and exercise, the fat cells are ready to release the fat for burning.

This is also why, you almost always lose weight in the first few weeks of implementing the latest, greatest diet strategy. The problem is, when you have dispensed with the “easy fat”, you move into the “Skinny Jeans” stage, where you’re dealing with “Stubborn Fat” and THAT is hormone sensitive fat that doesn’t respond to the same strategies we use in the Sweatpants Stage.

Here’s the scary part…

If you take too aggressive of a stance with diet and exercise, you can actually “short-circuit” the easy fat and stall your weight loss. This can lead to the cravings, hunger, fatigue, and melancholy that many weight loss programs cause.

So how do we prevent that from happening?

The Sweatpants Secret:
Don't try to lose too much weight too quickly

During the Sweatpants stage, be careful not to overdo it with extreme calorie deficits and excess cardio exercise. Let me explain why…

In the Sweatpants stage your body’s ability to release fat is far better than its ability to burn that fat. 

Your fat cells are over-filled with fat and if you push your body/metabolism too hard, it can cause them to release too much fat into your bloodstream, leading to insulin resistance, thicker blood, inflammation, and other health problems.

That’s right…releasing too much fat (i.e. faster than you can burn it) can actually make you insulin resistant.

So, take it slow and steady during this stage. Cut a few calories (for example, 10%) from your diet and increase your activity just enough to get the weight moving (walking and resistance training are great forms of exercise for the Sweatpants stage).

Too large of a calorie deficit from too much cardio and/or too few calories can lead to unwanted cravings, hunger, and fatigue, and ultimately derail your weight loss efforts.

Although this part of your journey can feel rewarding, it is not uncommon for people to get derailed easily after just a couple of weeks. That’s why you need to be especially strategic during this stage, you risk overloading and over-stressing the metabolism.

So what now?

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND starting with our 5-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge where we will teach you how to avoid the 10 Metabolic Stressors that cause unwanted cravings, hunger, and fatigue during your weight loss journey while also helping you bust through your weight loss plateaus.