No hyped up headline.

No foolish promises of 30 pounds in 30 days.


"I don't want to have to fight it for the rest of my life, and now I know i don't have to. " - Kelly Cooksey

The Total Body Transforformation is for...

An over-forty female who can’t seem to lose weight like you use to because “something” has changed with your metabolism. Things that worked in the past just don’t seem to move the needle anymore.

A post-menopausal woman who has gained weight over the years. Perhaps you’re dealing with menopausal belly fat or just weight gain all over.

Big Event Coming Up Someone who has a big event coming up and wants to feel confident and healthy for the event.

or just someone who is ready to permanently lose the weight and get in shape! You’re DONE with the yo-yoing dieting and you’re ready for a permanent change!

…and then there’s life, in a nutshell:

You’re busy, you don’t want to give up the fun things in life, you’re sick of losing the same 10 pounds over and over again, and you’re done with the frustration caused by all those programs that promise 20 pounds in 20 days only to lead to more disappointment…

The Total Body Transformation Program Is
Unlike Any Other Program…Here’s Why

We’ve built the Total Body Transformation Program to be the most painless weight loss program ever made…

In fact, we may be biased, but we believe it to be the FUNNEST weight loss program on earth


In working with thousands of people, we’ve identified 6 struggles that every woman deals with the moment she decides to start a weight loss program.

These struggles make the process of losing weight painful.

When was the last time you ENJOYED implementing a weight loss program?


If there’s one truth about humans it’s that we don’t repeat behaviors that cause us pain.

So, it’s no wonder that weight loss has an 85%+ failure rate

We are violating a known principle in human psychology, that is…

If something causes pain…STOP DOING IT!

Let yourself off the hook. You aren’t lazy…you aren’t cursed with zero willpower or self-discipline. You were simply given weight loss advice that sucks.

To succeed, you need to rise above the 6 weight loss struggles that we’ve identified and during the Total Body Transformation Program, we’ll teach you exactly how. people

The total body transformation Program
solves the 6 major weight loss struggles

Weight Loss Struggle #1: “All Effort, No Result

True or false? 

Healthy lifestyles are generally less fun, less tasty, and more work than unhealthy lifestyles. 

It takes more energy to exercise for an hour than it does to watch an hour of TV. 

It’s less pleasant to eat a salad than it is to eat a piece of cake, a bowl of ice cream, or a bag of chips.

There are exceptions, but, generally speaking, healthy actions are less pleasant, or at least less intensely pleasurable than unhealthy actions.

Let me ask you a question though…

If I asked you to exercise 60 minutes every day. Do you think you would do it consistently for the rest of your life?

Probably not.

However, what if EVERY time you completed a 60-minute workout you actually lost half-a-pound of pure body fat. 


Do you think you’d have ANY trouble exercising consistently?

My bet? You’d exercise EVERY day and you wouldn’t even complain about it.

You see…The problem isn’t that you are afraid of working hard. The problem isn’t even that you loathe working out or eating salads…The problem is you’re afraid of working hard without a guarantee of result.

Let me be clear, if you don’t get over this hurdle, you can never succeed. Your brain will simply give up way before you make the progress you desire.

In the Total Body Transformation we’ll teach you how to ascend beyond this struggle and use mindset and lifestyle strategies to acquire more wins and more successes. 

Weight Loss Struggle #2: “Hunger and Cravings

Most weight loss program fail because they cause MORE hunger and cravings.

To be successful, your weight loss program must prioritize strategies and approaches that decrease hunger and cravings.

Think about it…

Most people gain weight in the first place because they struggle with hunger and cravings. How on God’s green earth does it make ANY sense to implement strategies that make you hungrier and more riddled with cravings.

To succeed your weight loss program MUST help you master hunger and cravings or your chances of success are 0. 

Weight Loss Struggle #3: “Brain Drain

Weight loss is about energy management, and I’m not talking about calories… 

I’m talking about BRAIN ENERGY.

How many times have you arrived home after a hard day’s work with every intention to work out or whip up a healthy meal but just couldn’t muster the energy to follow through?

It’s not you…it’s EVERY woman who has come through our program.

What’s worse is almost no weight loss programs even consider mental energy, so they just tell you to do more and add more to your life.

Just exercise more, they tell you.

Just spend a couple hours a week prepping meals, they tell you. 

They fail to account for the fact that you are TIIIIIIIIRRRRRREEEEDDD!

They ignore the fact that if you did everything they told you then your life would be nothing but…

> Wake Up > Get Family Ready > Go to Work > Come Home From Work > Exercise > Prep Food > Go To Bed

No time to relax. No time to have fun. No time for you.

No chance in hell you’ll keep it up.

In the Total Body Transformation Program, we don’t just cover this struggle, WE PRIORITIZE IT. WE PRIORITIZE YOU! 

Weight Loss Struggle #4: “The No-Chance Dance

Something inside you knows the moment a weight loss program is unsustainable.

It’s a feeling. You just FEEL that you’ll never be able to keep this up.

Oh, you’ll press on though, living in denial.

But, deep down, you know…the egg-white and chicken-broth diet you just started will one day suffer the same fat as the Atkins diet, Keto, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and every other promising weight loss candidate you interviewed in the past.

We call this “The No-Chance Dance”, it’s what causes the yo-yo effect that so many of our members describe coming into the program.

It begs the question…if you lose 30 pounds, only to gain it all back three months later, did you ever lose 30 pounds?

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you one rule to rule them all and it will INSTANTLY cure you of this struggle. Then we’ll keep reminding you until it becomes part of your very soul! 

Weight Loss Struggle #5: “Boredom

We believe humans change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad and the only way to use this is to build a weight loss program that DOESN’T SUCK!

You deserve to live a life you love and healthy living should make that life BETTER not worse!

Boredom is one of the most common reasons why people report giving up on their healthy lifestyle. So, let’s just not make healthy living boring! How about that!

We’ll help you do just that! 

Weight Loss Struggle #6: “Confusion & Incompetence

To succeed you need a plan.

The human mind, by default, is chaotic. The fitness and weight loss industry just make it more chaotic and confusing.

Imagine waking up each morning with a plan. Imagine not having to read twenty different diet books to piece together a Frankenstein diet that seems remotely sustainable.

We remove confusion and help you build a weekly plan using out “One-Page Weight Loss Plan” template. It takes 10-minutes once a week to end confusion and jump into action.

Finally, we teach you everything you need to build competence with diet, exercise, and lifestyle because COMPETENCE builds CONFIDENCE.

Our job is to coach ourselves out of the job. The only way we do that is by helping you to build the knowledge and skills needed to make this part of who you are. 

a strong, fit, and healthy life are just 3 simple steps away





Are you ready to embark on a journey that will redefine your relationship with health and fitness? If you’re tired of temporary fixes that don’t give long-lasting results, join the Total Body Transformation Membership Program.

This membership program has been meticulously laid out to guide you through the four stages of our unique Sweatpants to Swimsuit transformation method.

We understand the struggles that busy women like Kelly Cooksey experience, which is why we’ve designed a program that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, no matter the stresses you have, no matter the time constraints, no matter the life challenges.

Included in your purchase is exclusive access to our Cut The Fat University, with many short, laser-focused courses that will help you upgrade your skills and built mastery of diet, exercise, and lifestyle on your own schedule and at your own pace! 

Best of all, all of our courses are available in a private podcast that you can listen to on walks or during your commute to and from work.

We also understand the power of community. As part of this program, you will have access to a private member group. Here, you can connect with other women who are on the same journey as you. Share your successes, your challenges, and your insights – and let their stories inspire and motivate you, too.

Additionally, we want you to have a personalized experience. We’ll be offering weekly live Q&A sessions where you can ask us your burning questions and get real-time responses. We’ll also reach out for personalized weekly check-ins to keep track of your progress and offer tips to overcome any hurdles along the way. 

Afraid of becoming bored with your meals? Every month we’ll release a new recipe book complete with nutritional information and even MyFitnessPal QR Codes.

There’s so much more in store for you in the Total Body Transformation Membership program and here’s the best part…

You get it full access, coaching, and training for just $197 for the entire 8 week challenge, no contract, 30-day money-back guarantee!! 

The value you get from our program far surpasses
What Traditional gyms or diet Programs offer

With us, you’re not just getting a place to work out or a restrictive meal plan; you’re entering a complete lifestyle transformation journey

Our program incorporates weekly coaching sessions, a personalized nutrition plan, and a workout routine that is designed to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

But it doesn’t stop there. One of the unique aspects of our program is the supportive community you’ll become a part of. This community will be there to cheer you on, share struggles, celebrate milestones and serve as a well of motivation. 

Furthermore, you’ll gain access to bonus content designed to complement your transformation journey. 

This isn’t just about weight loss; it’s about gaining confidence, and empowering you to embrace and love your body while enjoying a lifestyle that is sustainable and fulfilling.

Consider this, a traditional gym membership could cost you an average of $60 a month. Add in the cost of a personal trainer, dietitian, and the time you spend figuring out what works best for you, and the total can easily skyrocket. With our program, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also saving your precious time and gaining a method that actually works.

Our method, the Sweatpants to Swimsuit method, has been tried, tested, and proven successful! 

To put it simply, your investment of $59 a month in our program offers you a comprehensive, personalized, and sustainable approach to weight loss and lifestyle transformation, backed by a proven track record and a supportive community. This isn’t an expense, it’s an investment in yourself, an investment in a healthy, confident, and empowered you.

Remember, this is not just about the price, it’s about the value you’re getting. And with our Total Body Transformation Group Coaching Program, you’re getting more than what you’re paying for. You’re purchasing a lifestyle you can sustain and enjoy forever. Join us today and start your transformation journey. 

What's Included Once You Join:


Every Monday, we meet in a livestream to answer any and all questions you have. We stay until all questions are answered.


Every Monday you weigh in privately and send your result directly and privately to Blythe, this alone can dramatically improve your accountability and results.


Once you weigh in on Monday, Blythe will check in with you on Tuesday to strategize the plan forward depending on your results.


Any time you run into a challenge or need some support you can send an email and get unlimited email support

Private Facebook Community

Connect with and learn from other members who are on the same journey and get support from Blythe and Ray.

Private Member Podcast

We don’t want you sitting in front of a computer all day learning about weight loss. We want you moving and getting into life. That’s why we provide all our content in private podcast.



In this enlighting program, Dr. Ray explains why eating 6 meals per day can skyrocket fat storage and how shifting your mindset around diet and exercise, utilizing your


Every Monday you weigh in privately and send your result directly and privately to Blythe, this alone can dramatically improve your accountability and results.


Once you weigh in on Monday, Blythe will check in with you on Tuesday to strategize the plan forward depending on your results.


Any time you run into a challenge or need some support you can send an email and get unlimited email support


Plan your week in just 10-minutes once per week with out famous One-Page Weight Loss Plan.


Use our monthly progress evaluation sheet to take all of the guesswork out of measuring progress beyond the scale

Our No-Risk UNCONDITIONAL Guarantee

30-Day “I Can Do This! Guarantee

We realize that the only way you can make a fully informed decision is from the inside, not the outside.

So, we take 100% of the risk, and your risk is 0%. Whether it’s 29 minutes or 29 days, if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. If you don’t look in the mirror and exclaim “I CAN DO THIS!” then you just send an email to and we’ll refund every penny (usually within 24 hours) and part as friends!

Your Self-Investment: $297/month $197 for The Whole 8 Week Challenge

ABOUT Blythe and Ray

Dr. Ray and Blythe have been helping

People burn fat and get healthy for over two decades. Their podcast, Cut The Fat Podcast, has over 8 million downloads and a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, one of the highest ratings among health and fitness.

podcasts simply because their strategies work!

Dr. Ray is a “metabolic pharmacist” specializing in the biochemistry of health, wellness, and fitness rather than the chemistry of disease.

Blythe Wagner is a credentialed personal trainer who has coached thousands of men and women to fit and healthy bodies over her 20+ years in fitness. 


frequently asked questions

How Do I know This will work?

Choosing a weight loss program is like buying a house, you won’t know if it’s right until you get inside and see for yourself. That’s why we give you 30 days to try it out risk-free. Cancel within the first 30 days and we’ll refund every penny. We believe in this program, it is our magnum opus, and we believe in you. If you throw yourself into the program, with all you’ve got, you can’t fail. 

How is this different from everything else I've tried?

We optimize for one thing and ONE THING ONLY…


Every other diet program we’ve evaluated (and we’ve seen em all) optimizes for weight loss and they couldn’t care less if the weight loss lasts. 

We have a mantra, you’ll learn it in the first month. In fact, you’ll learn it right now…

“Maintenance starts on day 1” 

You will not be asked to do anything that you aren’t certain you can maintain for life. 

Look, everything we teach is proprietary:

  1. The Sweatpants To Swimsuit Method
  2. The One-Page Weight Loss Plan
  3. The Metabolic Scoreboard
  4. The Zombie-Walk Technique for Instant Self-Discipline
  5. The BOD Method So You Can Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight

There’s a lot of unique and proprietary processes that power our weight loss approach. But the bottom line is we have three rules:

  1. Don’t overwhelm 
  2. Optimize for consistency
  3. Make it light and fun so that you’ll repeat the behaviors

What if I have questions?

We will answer every question you have and then some. We provide unlimited email support, weekly check ins, and weekly livestream Q&As. 

We also have a members area with a place for questions, which we usually answer within 24 hours. 

You can also message Coach Blythe through Facebook. 

There are lots of ways to get support!

How do i cancel?

Simple, just drop an email to and let us know you want to cancel. No explanation needed, unless you want to tell us how to improve our membership. 

I'm busy, I mean REALLY Busy, can I still do this?

Yes. We will help you tailor the program to your life, no matter how busy. 

How fast will I lose weight?

Let me do some coaching. How fast you lose weight isn’t up to you or me. It’s up to the weight loss gods. 🙂 We often assume that if we just do more, we will lose weight faster. That isn’t true. In fact, when permanent weight loss is the goal, the more you change about your lifestyle often the less weight you lose because you get stuck in a yo-yo situation where your weight fluctuates up and down causing frustration. We focus on helping you to make the right amount of change in the right amount of time to optimize permanent fat loss. So, you may lose half a pound a week or 2 pounds a week, it’s impossible to say. Our job is to help you shift in ways that leads to sustained weight loss without making your life miserable. If you say yes to this apporach, it will change your life.