The 10 Commandments Of Permanent Weight Loss

Nothing sucks more than following a weight loss program to the letter and being rewarded with no weight loss, or worse yet, a weight gain.Generally, when it appears that you’re doing everything right but not losing weight, it’s because you’re violating one of these 10 commandments of permanent weight loss.Let’s get into them…Commandment #1: Thou … Read more

Metabolic Renewal Review – Does It Work? How’s It Different?

In this Metabolic Renewal review, my goal is to show you what you get in the program and help you determine if it’s right for you. Metabolic Renewal is Dr. Jade Teta’s newest weight loss program exclusively for women. Very soon I will be doing a complete breakdown of the program, specifically breaking down, what’s inside … Read more

Never Buy Fat-Free Mayo – Here’s Why…


Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 As a business owner, I live by a code…”when your customers talk, you listen” so I went to the local supermarket and evaluated a number of mayonnaise options. After perusing a number of options, I came up with two candidates: The majority of the calories in the dish could be attributed to … Read more

Moderation Sucks As A Weight Loss Strategy…Here’s Why

Moderation Sucks

Recently a listener asked, “Why is Ray not a fan of moderation?” So, in today’s post, I want to discuss why moderation sucks as a weight loss strategy and what you should use in its place. What does Moderation Mean? First off, moderation sucks because there is no certified definition of what it means. Sure, … Read more

Is Your Spouse Making You Fat? Here’s What To Do…

How To Get My Husband To Lose Weight With Me

So you’ve decided to change your life and you’re excited about your new, healthier, lean future. You’re so happy and excited that you can’t wait to tell your most loved confidant about your fantastic plans… As you’re driving home, you fantasize about how they’re going to be so excited for you. You know deep down … Read more

Are You Making THIS Exercise Mistake? The Best Fitness Strategy For Weight Loss…

Metabolic Prime

Let me tell you why your exercise program has failed to help you burn fat and why so many highly credible fitness experts dispense exercise advice that is almost totally ineffective for fat loss!  The truth is, scientists have been dumbfounded by the fact that research has proven that a weight loss program based on … Read more

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